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Educandor Scholarships worth 10,00,000/- INR available for Indian students

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For a student moving to another country, the need of financial aid is important. The best financial aid a student wants is a scholarship to reduce the amount of tuition fees. Along with application fee waiver, a scholarship comes as a life-saver for students who do not want to be burdened by loans. 

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financial aid in overseas study

At Educandor, we value the efforts of hardworking students. We make every possible effort to help our deserving candidates get full scholarships and financial assistance in foreign countries. In addition to the financial benefits provided to international students by universities, we ourselves offer them a scholarship of up to 10,00,000 INR. This scholarship helps students in worrying only about working hard to achieve their dreams.

If you think you are eligible for our 10,00,000 INR scholarship, consult us now and achieve your dream of creating a career abroad.

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Eligibility Criteria for Educandor Scholarship

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Educandor encourages students from all streams and academic backgrounds to apply.

  • You must be an Indian national.
  • You must be a graduate with a minimum of 55% marks or more than 5.5 CGPA.
  • You must be a fresher or have 0-4 years of work experience.
  • You must be applying for Master/PGD level courses for 2022-2023 intake
  • You must have an admit from a designated learning institute in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or Ireland. 
  • You must have an admit from a full-time program > 8 months duration. 
  • You must sign up and complete the entire university application process via Educandor.

You will not be eligible for Educandor Scholarship if you’re already receiving a grant, reward, or financial aid from your chosen college / university or any other foundation based in India or abroad.

If You are Interested, Please Fill Out This Form.

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    After you apply for the scholarship, our team will contact you and guide you through the process. Necessary details for scholarships will be collected by our team.
    Our expert team will evaluate your profile on various parameters and on the basis of that we will shortlist the eligible candidate.  

    Results of the Educandor Scholarship will be declared after the admission results are declared by the colleges and universities.
    *Shortlisted candidates will get an assured Educandor scholarship ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 INR.
    *Special preference will be given to those applicants whose annual family income is less than 6,00,000 INR.
    *All disputes are subject to Jaipur jurisdiction only.

    For more details contact us now !!

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