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About us

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Driving Innovation

Educandor is an organization that is driven towards helping young aspirants fulfill their dream of studying abroad. Our team of professional study abroad consultants are the best people to get guidance for creating a career overseas. Along with our consultants, our experienced faculty has helped candidates get exceptional results in overseas admissions tests.

Along with guiding choosing the best course and university for studying abroad, we help aspirants prepare for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, OET, and SATs. Our expert counselors are just a call away to guide you in choosing the best university for your profile. Our representatives in the best study destinations worldwide will help you ease the process of admissions.

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As the best study abroad consultants in Rajasthan, we aim to provide our overseas study aspirants the best training. We believe in providing the best end-to-end assistance to young aspirants throughout the international admission process.

We ensure that the process of admissions and travel becomes simpler for our students. The ease of moving abroad with our help will increase their focus on achieving their dreams of creating a bright career. With the best academic faculty and expert counselors, many students are already studying abroad and developing their careers.

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The success stories of our students are the reward that we work hard for. With our expertise in international education, we provide the best consultation for overseas study aspirants. Our team’s efforts and the students’ dreams motivate us to work harder. We leave no stone unturned to provide every possible opportunity for the young aspirants to create their careers abroad.

The objective of our team is to ensure admission to the world’s top educational institutes of every candidate. We aim to prosper and become a popular choice for the students as the best overseas training institution with our hard work.

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Team of International Mentors

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Get Ready for 1:1 Interaction With Best Coaches.

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Mr. Devendra
Europe ( Chief Mentor )

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Mr. Harshwardhan

simran sura

Ms. Simran Sura

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Ms. Kanishka,
IIT Chicago (USA)


Mr. Mohit

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Mr. Manish,


Mr. Narendra
UK, Chief Mentor

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Mr. Siddharth,

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